So much talk in digital marketing at the moment is about SEO. The idea that a business can create a magic formula by tweaking their website to suddenly deliver thousands of new visitors. The reality is that SEO alone can never deliver the immediate results many businesses need. The answer is google’s paid advertising service that effectively allows companies to jump to the front of the queue or in this case the top of the page of Google search results. The catch being that it comes at a price.

But most businesses are missing the point and the opportunties PPC affords. Google is all about trying to deliver the best possible customer experience for its users. That means if your ads on Google are set up in the right way and are highly relevant to the people searching you won’t have to pay a small fortune. What’s more in setting up your keywords you’ll find out very quickly which keywords are driving converting searches to your business. Keywords that you can then prioritise for your SEO efforts which when implemented will allow you to reduce your spend on your Google paid campaign.

That’s topline but there’s a whole host of other benefits we can go into. To learn more get in touch via our contact page.

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